Ub Copiers - Don't Trust a Company that Spams

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Between Dec 8th and 12th this company posted 12 duplicate ads to Craigslist in violation of their TOS and State and Federal law. Their actions are a direct violation of the terms of service of Craigslist, and is violation of state and federal laws. Since UB Copiers doesn't honor it contract with Craigslist, this obviously shows that company has poor ethics and questionable business practices.

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Ub copiers

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ub copiers/craftmac is an ebay based business that sells products for print shops/offices such as paper cutters, copiers, etc.They sell an electric paper cutter (17.7"/450mm) that is the biggest piece of *** you could ever buy.

It is very cheaply made, Chinese junk. After you buy they will offer you no support even though they state they will. Beware of this company and the *** they peddle. I have called and emailed countless times and get the runaround on every occasion.

I bought this 'boat anchor' in February and was able to use it maybe 20 times, by far the worst $1800 I ever spent!!STAY AWAY!!!!!

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I bought the same Chinese-made paper cutter and immediately noticed problems with it.Repeated phone calls and emails went in vain.

No response, no action, in spite of all the pre-sale promises of support. Finally, the cutter completely broke down and the motor jammed after only 4 months of extra-light use. I called several equipment repair companies for service, but they didn't want to touch it. So I had an engineer friend of mine come in and take it apart to find the reason for the breakdown.

It turns out there was NO OIL in the heavy gear-reduction assembly case underneath. The friction caused the cheaply-made case to crack and the gears to jam beyond repair. Since the unit was totaled, I needed a good replacement, so I contacted an American manufacturer that builds the same thing, only better. They said that they are aware of these Chinese copies, which are based on THEIR own design!

I ended up buying from them and so far so good.

Yes, you do get what you pay for.Stay away from UB Copiers, they are crooks, period.


I recently purchased a copier from UB Copiers in Aneheim, CA and must say that at first it seemed like a great deal, They dleivered to my Las vegas address and the price for everything was very reasonable. When the printer arrived (4 hours later than scheduled) the owner of the company was there to deliver it. We got it inside and I hooked it up myself. It seemed to run great for the first few pages but then would smear really bad. I called the company and they told me "It tested OK, but we will help you get it right."

That was the last I ever heard from them. Now when i call, assuming anyone answers, I get the run-around and no one has contacted me to help resolve this problem. I purchased a running, fully functioning machine and got much less.

I get mistakes happen. The testing would not have revealed the problems so I get that, but show some support to your customers and own up to it.

I am PISSED! I now have a $1300 paper weight in my office that I cant use and now dont have the ability to replace it due to these guys having my money.

If i cant resolve this today, i intend to follow up with legal assistance on this.

If you have gone through the same thing, please contact me at juicedcbr600f2@gmail.com. I would love to hear your story and maybe we can help each other out on getting our money back on this stuff.

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